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Do you have the time?

To listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once?

30 August
"So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be."
10 fingers, 16 candles, 80's, aim, almost famous, american beauty, american idol, anchorman, andy dick, barnes and noble, beat the geeks, being dumb, better off dead, billy madison, birthdays, blink 182, board games, boy meets world, brady bunch movie, breakfast club, broadway, cards, chasing amy, clay aiken, clerks, collages, conan, conan o'brien, cooking pasta, curb your enthusiasm, dancing, deep conversations, dodgeball, dr. ruth, ellen, empire records, eve 6, everybody loves raymond, family guy, ferris bueller, ferris bueller's day off, finding nemo, fireworks, foo fighters, food, forever..., free stuff, friends, fruit, full house, funny people, gameshows, goldfinger, grease, grease 2, green day, growing pains, happy gilmore, high fidelity, howard stern, i love the 80s, jimmy fallon, john cusack, johnny depp, jon stewart, kevin smith, kids, laughing, little shop of horrors, love, lyrics, making lists, memories, mest, mighty mighty bosstones, muppets, music, naked gun, nerds, new jersey, newlyweds, no doubt, now and then, nyc, office space, old commercials, olive garden, our lady peace, ozma, pacific sunwear, pacsun, parks, penut butter and jelly, pick up lines, pippin, pizza hut buffet, price is right, private parts, psychology, puns, purple, quotes, rainbows, ramapo, reel big fish, rent, rocky horror, roxy, samples, saturday night live, saved by the bell, say anything, second helpings, seinfeld, singing motown, sixteen candles, ska, sleeping, sloppy firsts, smoothies, snl, starbursts, stars, subway, sugarcult, surveys, target, the beatles, the brady bunch movie, the golden girls, the olive garden, the producers, the wizard of oz, the wonder years, theater, tuesdays with morrie, tv land, wawa, weezer, when harry met sally, wicked, will and grace, will ferrel, willy wonka, wonder years