Jess (xopatootie830ox) wrote,

"I SO don't want the 2 of them at my party!"

Today/tonite was a lot of fun.
Went walking around the development with Chelle, watched the idol final which was CRAPPPPP! I love Bo Bice. Then I went to her house for memorial day for a little bit.
I talked to Steve for a little bit which was happy. He went to an 8 foot tall bonfire! FI-AHH!
THEN we went to Hibachi for Cyd's birthday. It was good. I wanted to KILL the gossiping children tho. I saw JAMIE! YAY!
Hung out in Jamie's bed. Friends are great fun. Upgraded the top 5 akward moment list into a 10 item list as per follows...

10. Cheek kiss gone sexual with Harrison
9. Asking Brett which side he wore it to
8. Telling Urby I'm not intimidated AND Im sad he's leaving
7. Telling Fromm about our 3 year anniversary
6. Massaging Chelle's leg, thinking it was Steve
5. Pushing Cyd to the ground
4. Kissing Kevin's neck
3. "Just go with it"
2. Telling Harrison he'd never date me
1. Proposing to Dan Peck

Oh yes.
Only there are probably things I'm forgetting.
Let me know.

We ate cake and attempted to play Cranium.
Urby came.
Chatter chatter chatter.
Now I'm here.
Seeing Kim and probably the whole group again tomorrow.

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