Jess (xopatootie830ox) wrote,

The Return of the Irates

I've been inspired to make a livejournal comeback.
This is excellent news because...
A) I miss livejournal gossip a lot
B) I have a really bad memory which is problematic becausae I'm oddly obsessed with the past
and C) I look forward to laughing at this as much as I do now when I read old entries.

So yes.

I'm back and better than ever.

I have one year of college under my belt. All in all, it went quite smoothly.
I have a boyfriend named Steve and he's grand.
I have a group of friends who, in spite of the drama, I looooove.
I have a second group of friends who I'm super glad about becoming close with again because they're way fun.

This summer's gonna be excellent, I hope.
It's been good so far, even tho it's only been a week.
Highlights include, but are not limited to the following:
-Party at Rutgers
-Party at Cassie's
-Steve marathon (point pleasant, his house, my house. HAPPINESS)
-Chelle getting pulled over and having the most dick cop EVER ("There's a first time for everything!")
-A new found passion for road rage
-The New York Voice
-6 mile walk with Chelle

happy birthday CYD!
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