Jess (xopatootie830ox) wrote,

Things have been good.
I am full of love.
Nothing too out of the ordinary lately...
-Demetry called Fromm! grbhjegvnkj
-Me and Chelle are going to LA
-I passed my 1st semester of college
-Spanglish was good
-Chelle gave me my favorite present I've ever got.
-Called Dan and he told me that he went to Brad and Jen's house on the day they filed for divorce. cause he's the coolest ever. end of story.
-Well... not really end of story. I did something dumb and I kind of regret it. If you want the details, you can ask. Its kind of embarassing.
-Newsies was good... and college jamie will be happy that I saw it
-Producers wednesday :)
-Mmmmaybe Pa. today
-Me and Harrison are BFFs
-Supposed to go to the gym with Cyd,but my cells at her house and IDK if she knows that.

I am happy.
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