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Do you have the time?

To listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once?

9/13/05 02:01 am

Changed my s/n.
add me bitches.

5/31/05 12:55 am - "I SO don't want the 2 of them at my party!"

Today/tonite was a lot of fun.
Went walking around the development with Chelle, watched the idol final which was CRAPPPPP! I love Bo Bice. Then I went to her house for memorial day for a little bit.
I talked to Steve for a little bit which was happy. He went to an 8 foot tall bonfire! FI-AHH!
THEN we went to Hibachi for Cyd's birthday. It was good. I wanted to KILL the gossiping children tho. I saw JAMIE! YAY!
Hung out in Jamie's bed. Friends are great fun. Upgraded the top 5 akward moment list into a 10 item list as per follows...

10. Cheek kiss gone sexual with Harrison
9. Asking Brett which side he wore it to
8. Telling Urby I'm not intimidated AND Im sad he's leaving
7. Telling Fromm about our 3 year anniversary
6. Massaging Chelle's leg, thinking it was Steve
5. Pushing Cyd to the ground
4. Kissing Kevin's neck
3. "Just go with it"
2. Telling Harrison he'd never date me
1. Proposing to Dan Peck

Oh yes.
Only there are probably things I'm forgetting.
Let me know.

We ate cake and attempted to play Cranium.
Urby came.
Chatter chatter chatter.
Now I'm here.
Seeing Kim and probably the whole group again tomorrow.


5/30/05 01:28 am - The Return of the Irates

I've been inspired to make a livejournal comeback.
This is excellent news because...
A) I miss livejournal gossip a lot
B) I have a really bad memory which is problematic becausae I'm oddly obsessed with the past
and C) I look forward to laughing at this as much as I do now when I read old entries.

So yes.

I'm back and better than ever.

I have one year of college under my belt. All in all, it went quite smoothly.
I have a boyfriend named Steve and he's grand.
I have a group of friends who, in spite of the drama, I looooove.
I have a second group of friends who I'm super glad about becoming close with again because they're way fun.

This summer's gonna be excellent, I hope.
It's been good so far, even tho it's only been a week.
Highlights include, but are not limited to the following:
-Party at Rutgers
-Party at Cassie's
-Steve marathon (point pleasant, his house, my house. HAPPINESS)
-Chelle getting pulled over and having the most dick cop EVER ("There's a first time for everything!")
-A new found passion for road rage
-The New York Voice
-6 mile walk with Chelle

happy birthday CYD!

5/5/05 04:50 pm

No entry cause im lazy...
but pictuuuuures!! yay!!

3/14/05 01:29 am

For various reasons, I wanna vomit and then crawl into the fetal position for a long time.

2/22/05 12:58 pm

It's been a while.
I'm back at school. It's alright. I freaked out yesterday due to the fact that I felt completely alone and unmotivated and futureless.
Then I chilled out a little.
I convinced Andi to rearrange our room at 11:30 so she got her male posse to come down and move shit. I live on the ceiling now. I like it a lot.

I made nice with an old friend.
It was nice.
I feel good.
And scared.
But mostly good.

I'm not in a journal mood anymore. I'll finish later.

1/19/05 02:47 pm

I am effing bad-ass.

1/9/05 08:12 pm

I'm tired of rumors starting
I'm sick of being followed
I'm tired of people lying
Saying what they want about me
Why can't they back up off me
Why can't they let me live
I'm gonna do it my way
Take this for just what it is

take a hint.

1/9/05 01:04 pm

Things have been good.
I am full of love.
Nothing too out of the ordinary lately...
-Demetry called Fromm! grbhjegvnkj
-Me and Chelle are going to LA
-I passed my 1st semester of college
-Spanglish was good
-Chelle gave me my favorite present I've ever got.
-Called Dan and he told me that he went to Brad and Jen's house on the day they filed for divorce. cause he's the coolest ever. end of story.
-Well... not really end of story. I did something dumb and I kind of regret it. If you want the details, you can ask. Its kind of embarassing.
-Newsies was good... and college jamie will be happy that I saw it
-Producers wednesday :)
-Mmmmaybe Pa. today
-Me and Harrison are BFFs
-Supposed to go to the gym with Cyd,but my cells at her house and IDK if she knows that.

I am happy.

1/3/05 11:44 am

Mike Fromm for sherriff.

Oh dear... oh dear.
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